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Due to pandemics this was a pure work from home year and ​it was so easy for me to acquire clients and move forwards with my business.

The hardest part was not to see my third daughter Simona who stayed in other country with her mom and sort of got stuck in all this medical affair. 

Before I could travel in between countries freely but now due to the ability to do it only via experimental jab where you even have to sign a consent that you are aware of how ignorant you are on facts that you must take poison. So I just didn't. I stayed home and di that what I loved the best - hustle.

Made lots of significant developments for the future of ZIGI.

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Many must be aware of that I have a country side house that I bought a long long time ago. Well - during pandemic it was in use indeed.

I started growing tomatoes, paprika, ganja, potatoes, reddish, cabbage - literally - everything. I become a farmer and self sufficient for a while. Or at least past the experiment on how to do it in the case of future emergencies.

WHile me, goats and laptop - signed up for loads of affiliate programs and searched for the most compact way for promoting them.

I came up with a proper system of link shortener with public stats display that later become - one of a kind link shortener available with only one letter domain name- -

Thats cool because the link goes shorter after and you can put whatever you want there, like for instance - - it's still ZIGI but shortened landing page custom self branded :) COol feature.


I recorded the Sounds Of The Sea dedicated for my third daugher, released my own Latvian language reggae songs, did two albums with eLouise from Jamaica, one with Glow Ria from Nigeria, SHA-256 and zHustlers DUB releases, album with Fatima Ezzahra and 2nd collection of Best Milky & Juicy female reggae.

However most significant part of the year I consider my incredible corporation with Italian singer Andrea Stocchino who has got incredible voice and he was able to turn any of my songs into an instant hit.

Did a big job on botnet development and account creation for keeping up social engagement to music and my other general stuff. In music I find my relief from this corporate government tyrany. 


zHustlers was performing LIVE on Liberland's festival FloatingMan 2021! And for those who did not made it to the Liberland - they still can watch the recording of zHustlers on Youtube!

on August 14, 2021, a freedom festival called "Floating Man 2021" will be held on Lake "Arka" near Apatin, Serbia. The president of the self-proclaimed state "Liberland", the Czech Vit Jedlička, bought a large property with two hectares of water near Apatin and is now building a luxury tourist complex called "Green Arch" (formerly "Green Head").

That was my like dream come true indeed. One hour - all attention to me. With Marhall speakers on a back. Like on the TV where they show you know - big stage, Marshall.. That was my indeed dream come true moment.

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