Your Music Deserves to Be Heard. We Make Sure It Does. 🌍 The vast landscape of music distribution has never been more diverse and complex. With countless platforms, territories, and rules to consider, getting your music in front of the right listeners is an art in itself. Enter Black Sea Records.

Why Partner with Black Sea Records for Music Distribution?

πŸš€ Guided Navigation: The world of music distribution is vast and intricate. Our experts offer a guiding hand, ensuring your tracks find their rightful place on leading platforms.

🎧 Maximized Reach: From Spotify to Apple Music, Deezer to Tidal, we place your music on platforms that matter, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement.

πŸ“Š Performance Insights: Knowledge is power. With our detailed analytics, understand your audience better and see where your music truly resonates.

πŸ” Rights & Royalties: Our team ensures you retain your rights and receive the royalties you deserve. Your music remains your own; we're just here to amplify its reach.

🌟 Exclusive Additional Services: Beyond distribution, we offer unique services tailored to enhance your visibility and differentiate you from the masses.

Effortless Distribution in Four Steps:
Share & Strategize:
Provide us with your music and your goals. We'll devise the perfect distribution strategy.

Platform Placement:
We handle the complexities, ensuring your music finds its home across key streaming platforms and digital stores from Spotify to TikTok.

Grow & Glow:
With increased visibility and reach, watch as your music connects with fans globally using our music promotion service.

Monitor & Measure:
Gain insights with our detailed reports, tracking your music's performance and audience growth.