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Updated: Mar 15, 2019


Vedic eco village "Selo Razgrad" purpose is to provide opportunity to interested person for affordable money comfortable and clean life to escape the global chalanges of busy city life. Walk. Talk. Love in the environment the nature had originally designed for us.


Project was started back in 2014 as a part of organized ventures.  Project aim is to acquire 25 houses in the village next to the mountain and build inside the mountain 50 ecological containers for living for guests of the village.

Only people who can work from home, be in some use for local business assistance and development, investors are welcomed to acquire this little peace of Gold in the Balkan mountains.


Project was started back in 2014 and it is planned that it will be finished by 2017. It will include new streets, total house reconstruction, private water installation from 30 meters deep underground source, common park creation, skiing park, vegetarian cousin, yoga practices and much, much more!

Come live your life in a free country side, enjoy natures best products together with the comon minded people! Families are more than welcomed! The more of us will come here the more fun will be for our kids.

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