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14 chilled out #reggae #dub songs with #consciousness uplifting beats and lyrics including #Bhagavad Gita, Bible, #Koran, #Torah, #Kabbalah and #Rigveda scriptures.

Perfume Of The Desert is an album released by Zhustlers, a Reggae/Dub band focused on smooth, uplifting and relaxing vibes in 2019 inspired by a series of traveling, spiritual readings, poetry and folk tales from many writers and artists. z hustlers, “a reggae artist. "Z" meaning taken from as a last letter in z alphabet expressing "Last" so fully meaning the last hustlers.

World today strives too hard and people are irresponsibly ignoring systems control mechanisms stretching it's roots deeper and deeper in our daily life selling to people lowest level happiness's for the highest price of a Life. Hopefully you will find some attractive prayers to see power yourself up for striving for Truth” take this into account as every song reflects this message firmly.

The album features fifteen songs which each tell a story, interesting enough the music itself has a melodic and rhythmic progression that is not commonly found as it has a constructive complexity that perfectly blends Dub and Reggae and matches a positive energy along with it, as it may sound very simple at first notice you will find that it envelopes you in a state of calmness and trance-like mental and physical peace.


1. Jah inside the heart - zHustlers - Fruit of Love (2019)

2. King Must Be Born - zHustlers - Fruit of Love (2019)

3. The Ever Holy Tree - zHustlers - Fruit of Love (2019)

4. Vibes of One Love - zHustlers - Fruit of Love (2019)

5. We Behold What We Are - zHustlers - Fruit of Love (2019)

6. Land of Milk and Honey - zHustlers - Fruit of Love (2019)

7. 22 Letters - zHustlers - Fruit of Love (2019)

8. From the Sky to the Heavens' Heaven - zHustlers - Fruit of Love (2019)

9. Look to This Day - zHustlers - zHustlers - Fruit of Love (2019)

10. Highest hights - zHustlers - Fruit of Love (2019)

11. Speech- zHustlers - Fruit of Love (2019)

12. To Rise on High - zHustlers - Fruit of Love (2019)

13. Jah Is Our God - zHustlers - Fruit of Love (2019)

14. Liftoff zHustlers- zHustlers - Fruit of Love (2019)

Lyrics features elements of seeking personal happiness, mental wellness and health and finding freedom within one’s self, by freeing ourselves from a mental prison that we live in suppressed by society every day, the vocals themselves have a certain vocal range that blends almost perfectly along the rhythmic elements of each song, bringing a sense of comfort and allowing the listener to experience and pay close attention to them with ease.

We must mention that Dub and Reggae have always been genres that focus on delivering a message and zHustlers do this impeccably, there is a clean pronunciation and clean recording on the vocals that allow for a sense of room space in both headphones and stereo allowing the listener a very human-like performance sensation from each track.

As for the rhythmic and melodic elements - they blend perfectly and do not exaggerate, nowadays many artists do not take in account that “less is more” A very important lesson for any musician within any genre, honestly, zHustlers truly knows how to use certain moments for slight glimpses of complexity and then go back to energetic, positive and calm simple chord progressions that really submerge you in a state of analysis over one’s life and constructs of social and human behavior and daily routine.

Now, there is something very important to mention and it is how many artists out there today really seek to get in an emotional, psychological and spiritual intimate contact with their listeners and why is this so important? zHustlers takes on a very important task when it comes to this as many musicians today only seek to attract fans massively and amount to an economical goal, of course all musicians have these kind of desires but they forget the balance between both worlds, zHustlers delivers musical material with meaning and speaks their perspective and notion of the world, something that raises the value and quality of music above many standards today.



1. Jah inside the heart - zHustlers - Fruit of Love (2019 )@

I- speaking with thee in this body here- Am, thou embodied one! (for all the shrines Flame unto Me!) And, at the hour of death, He that hath meditated Me alone, In putting off his flesh, comes forth to Me, Enters into My Being- doubt thou not! But, if he meditated otherwise At hour of death, in putting off the flesh, He goes to what he looked for, Kunti's Son! Because the Soul is fashioned to its like.

Have Me, then, in thy heart always! and fight! Thou too, when heart and mind are fixed on Me, Shalt surely come to Me! All come who cleave With never-wavering will of firmest faith, Owning none other Gods: all come to Me,

(Text from Bhagavad Gita: CHAPTER VIII Of Religion by Devotion to the One Supreme God)

2. King Must Be Born - zHustlers - Fruit of Love (2019) @

“Then, O King! the God, so saying, Stood, to Pritha's Son displaying All the splendour, wonder, dread Of His vast Almighty-head.

Out of countless eyes beholding, Out of countless mouths commanding, Countless mystic forms enfolding In one Form: supremely standing

Countless radiant glories wearing, Countless heavenly weapons bearing, Crowned with garlands of star-clusters, Robed in garb of woven lustres,

Breathing from His perfect Presence Breaths of every subtle essence Of all heavenly odours; shedding Blinding brilliance; overspreading-

Boundless, beautiful- all spaces With His all-regarding faces; So He showed! If there should rise Suddenly within the skies

Sunburst of a thousand suns Flooding earth with beams undeemed-of, Then might be that Holy One's Majesty and radiance dreamed of!”

― Edwin Arnold, The Bhagavad Gita, Veda Vyasa

3. The Ever Holy Tree - zHustlers - Fruit of Love (2019) @

When, in this world of manifested life, The undying Spirit, setting forth from Me, Taketh on form, it draweth to itself From Being's storehouse,- which containeth all,- Senses and intellect. The Sovereign Soul Thus entering the flesh, or quitting it, Gathers these up, as the wind gathers scents, Blowing above the flower.-beds. Ear and Eye, And Touch and Taste, and Smelling, these it takes,- Yea, and a sentient mind;- linking itself To sense-things so. The unenlightened ones Mark not that Spirit when he goes or comes, Nor when he takes his pleasure in the form, Conjoined with qualities; but those see plain Who have the eyes to see. Holy souls see Which strive thereto. Enlightened, they perceive That Spirit in themselves; but foolish ones, Even though they strive, discern not, having hearts Unkindled, ill-informed!

The ever-holy tree. Yea! for its leaves Are green. Yea! and waving hymns which whisper Truth!

BHAGAVAD-GITA, Entitled "Purushottamapraptiyog," Or "The Book of Religion by Attaining the Supreme."

4. Vibes of One Love - zHustlers - Fruit of Love (2019) @

Lets meet together, speak together Let our minds be of one accord as the Jah of old, being of one mind accepted his share of sacrifice

Lets meet together, speak together Let our hearts vibe feel One Love

may our counsel be common, our assembly common common the mind, and the thoughts of us united A common purpose do I lay before you and worship with your common oblation

let our aims be common and our hearts of one accord and all of us be of one mind so all may live well together


5. We Behold What We Are - zHustlers - Fruit of Love (2019) @

The man who sees me in everything and everything within me will not be lost to me, nor will I ever be lost to him.

He who is rooted in oneness realizes that I am in every being; wherever he goes, he remains in me.

When he sees all being as equal in suffering or in joy because they are like himself, that man has grown perfect in yoga.” ― Anonymous, The Bhagavad Gita tags: bhagavad-gita, stephen-mitchell

“We behold what we are, and we are what we behold.” ― Ved Vyasa, The Bhagavad Gita

6. Land of Milk and Honey - zHustlers - Fruit of Love (2019) @

Jah, bring us to good land In this land of milk and honey. For those lucky few that made it, this was a land of milk and honey.

Land flowing of Milk and Honey Land flowing of Milk and Honey

But will sympathy lead us to this land flowing with milk and honey? Like a vision from the Promised Land, we are already this land a land

And I heard that they can draw milk and honey from streams.

Land flowing of Milk and Honey Land flowing of Milk and Honey

I find, after all, that a man's destiny can be truly wonderful. When I think that one man, one body and one spirit, was enough to turn a desert into the land of Canaan

Land flowing of Milk and Honey Land flowing of Milk and Honey


7. 22 Letters - zHustlers - Fruit of Love (2019) @

Twenty-two letters to start with. He engraved, quarried, and weighed, exchanged and combined— and with them formed all of creation and all that He was destined to fashion.

Twenty-two letters carved through voice, quarried in air, and fixed in the mouth in five positions; certain sounds in the throat, certain sounds on the lips, certain sounds against the palate, and certain sounds behind the teeth and others along the tongue.

Twenty-two letters fixed in a wheel like a wall with two hundred and thirty-one doors— the wheel whirs back and forth and the sign bearing its witness is: No good is greater than oneg (pleasure); no evil greater than neg’a (plague). How did He combine, weigh, and exchange them? Aleph in all and all in Aleph; Bet in all and all in Bet. Over and over and on again, through two hundred and thirty-one gates— with every creature and also speech issuing from a single Name.

He created substance from Nothing— from isn’t making what there is— He hewed tremendous columns out of air that can’t be grasped. He combined, exchanged, and fashioned all of creation and every locution within a single Name, and the sign bearing its witness is: twenty-two longed-for things in a single body bound.

. . . .

From here on in consider what a mouth can’t utter and what the ear can’t hear . . .

From ‘The Book of Creation’

Palestine or Babylonia, circa 3rd–9th c.

8. From the Sky to the Heavens' Heaven - zHustlers - Fruit of Love (2019) @

From the sky to the heavens’ heavens From the heavens’ heavens to the darkness on high From the darkness on high to the upper dwelling From the upper dwelling to the heavenly halls From the heavenly halls to the doors of heaven From the doors of heaven to the highest heaven From the highest heaven up to the throne And from the throne to the chariot

Who could imagine You Who could compare You Who has seen Who has been Who would hold his head high, or raise an eye Who would insist Who would persist Who would dare Who would consider Who would be so coarse and proud Who would plot and build

When You ride a cherub And glide on the wind And wander through thunder And move within storms Making Your way through the waters And sending Yourself through flames A thousand thousands and tens of thousands becoming men and becoming women and becoming spirits and becoming demons, becoming every likeness and carrying every mission out

With reverence and awe, trembling in fear, shivering and shaking, they open their mouths extolling Your holy name, and as it is written, calling: Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts— The world is filled with His glory.

Five Poems of Kabbalah Various Authors ISSUE 196, SPRING 2011 From The Sky to The Heavens’ Heavens

Yannai, Byzantine Palestine, 6th c.

9. Look to This Day - zHustlers - zHustlers - Fruit of Love (2019) @

Look to this day: For it is life, the very life of life. In its brief course Lie all the verities and realities of your existence. The bliss of growth, The glory of action, The splendour of achievement Are but experiences of time.

For yesterday is but a dream And tomorrow is only a vision; And today well-lived, makes Yesterday a dream of happiness And every tomorrow a vision of hope. Look well therefore to this day; Such is the salutation to the ever-new dawn!


10. Highest hights - zHustlers - Fruit of Love (2019) @

Fearlessness, singleness of soul, the wilL Always to strive for wisdom; opened hand And governed appetites; and piety, And love of lonely study; humbleness, Uprightness, heed to injure nought which lives, Truthfulness, slowness unto wrath, a mind That lightly letteth go what others prize; And equanimity, and charity Which spieth no man's faults; and tenderness Towards all that suffer; a contented heart, Fluttered by no desires; a bearing mild, Modest, and grave, with manhood nobly mixed, With patience, fortitude, and purity; An unrevengeful spirit, never given To rate itself too high;- such be the signs, O Indian Prince! of him whose feet are set On that fair path which leads to heavenly birth!


11. Speech- zHustlers - Fruit of Love (2019)

I am speech –and I am queen of the world. I am the point at which all riches meet. I am the point at which all skills come together I am the one who gives meaning to what is seen.

I am the one who lives in every breath. I am the one who gives understanding to what is heard. Though they do not realize it, people eat,see, breathe and hear through me. Those who are famous for their wisdom are wise through me;

I taught them what they know – and they heeded me. I am the one who conveys joy from one person to another. Those whom I love I make them clever and sharp. I incite people to compete for knowledge I have pervaded the earth and the sky.

Exceptions from Rigveda

12. To Rise on High - zHustlers - Fruit of Love (2019) @

To rise on high and descend below, to ride the chariot’s wheels and explore in the world, to wander on earth and contemplate splendor, to draw on the crown and sound Glory, to utter praises and link letters, to utter names and behold what is above and below, to know the meaning of the living and see the vision of the dead. To ford rivers of fire and know lightning.

To Rise on High Anonymous, Palestine, circa 2nd–8th c.

13. Jah Is Our God - zHustlers - Fruit of Love (2019) @

Come, let us worship and bow down Before the Lord, Most Holy Before the King of Glory Come and lay your burdens down Before the Friend who's faithful Before the One who's able For He is our God And we are His people He is our God And we will never be forsaken Come, let us lift our voice in praise Unto the Rock of Ages Unto the God who saves us Come and glorify His name All the earth together All the saints forever For He is our God And we are His people Yes, He is our God And we will never be forsaken You are our God And we are Your people Yes, You are our God And we will be with You Yes, You are our God And we will be with You forever Forever

Christian Gospel

14. Liftoff zHustlers- zHustlers - Fruit of Love (2019) @

In nooses of a hundred idle hopes, Slaves to their passion and their wrath, they buy Wealth with base deeds, to glut hot appetites; "Thus much, to-day," they say, "we gained! thereby

Such and such wish of heart shall have its fill; And this is ours! and th' other shall be ours! To-day we slew a foe, and we will slay Our other enemy to-morrow! Look!

Are we not lords? Make we not goodly cheer? Is not our fortune famous, brave, and great? Rich are we, proudly born! What other men Live like to us? Kill, then, for sacrifice!

Cast largesse, and be merry!" So they speak Darkened by ignorance; and so they fall —

In blindness cleaving to their errors, caught Into the sinful course, they trust this lie

(Part from: The Bhagavad Gita , translated by Edwin Arnold Chapter 16 ("Of the Separateness of the Divine and the Undivine")

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