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The food truck industry is experiencing a renaissance and now is a great time to own your own food truck.

The McPaneer Bus is the perfect burger food truck business opportunity for those looking to capitalize on this food truck trend.

Food Truck vs. Sit Down Restaurant

You may just love the idea of a food truck and don’t plan on expanding from there or you may see it as a stepping stone to a bricks and mortar restaurant. Either way owning a food truck makes good business sense. You need the same skills to run both, but often times a food truck is a more affordable first investment to make with fewer overhead costs and it allows you to start building your brand small and learning the ropes of owning your own business before expanding. Because everything is on a smaller scale you have the flexibility to try new products and new strategies out without making a big commitment to it. Too many restaurants fail not because the owner lacks passion or a hard work ethic, but because they are inexperienced at picking the right location and managing inventory for example. Because it is just you or at the most another one or two others on the food truck you have to be hands-on in every aspect of running your business so it is easy to work out all the kinks.

Why a McPaneer Truck?

Besides creating your own burger food truck from scratch you can also buy one from a local franchiser like McPaneer which has locations in U.K. When you buy from a franchisor not only do you get a preset menu but you can also take advantage of their brand power.

Because you are traveling all around in different neighbors, maybe even different towns and cities, you will also be able to get a good sense of what areas you do better in. This way if you decide to open a sit-down restaurant later you will have a better sense of which neighborhoods you will want to look for space in.

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