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Since 2017, is an established Lottery Ticket Purchasing Service is owned and operated by BTCERY Limited (UK).

ZigiLotto is a website that allows you to play the Zigi Biggest Lotteries in the world through our Lottery Ticket Purchasing Service or also know as Messenger Service. You do not need to fly to the country where the lottery game is based because we give you the power to play whenever and wherever you may be.


1. Log on to - Choose your Lotterey.

2. Now, choose your lucky numbers and play options as you would with your regular lottery slip.

3. Upon order confirmation, you will receive your official ZigiLotto ticket(s).

4. Once winning numbers have been officially announced, ZigiLotto will publish and email you the result.

5. Winning ticket holder(s) will receive notification from us.

6. Withdraw winnings using your “My Account” page.

Register FREE account

Choice your lottery 

Submit payment details 

Wait for the winning numbers to be announced 

It’s that real and guarantee Your WIN!

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