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15 years of international business development and management,

4 years of government experience.

Excellent communicator and negotiator.

100% dedication and can do attitude with meeting targets and deadlines. ​

Ability to work on own initiative as well as be able to work as part of a team, musician.

Sound experience in PR, Marketing, Advertisements and solving sensitive issues with mass media.



  • A manager who will get things done how they should be done without excuses

  • Deep knowledge and up to date understanding of banking, crypto-payments, stocks, and securities

  • Successful Business experience with E.U, U.S.A, CIS and Asia countries




Managing Director, ZIGI.BE, Dec 2016-Currently

  • NFC and Fintech Crypto-environment system development

  • Sales, Marketing plan and research, customer support, budget planning, web development

  • All in one crypto platform development


Managing Director,, Dec 2016-Currently

  • Crypto-systems and mining development

  • Sales, Marketing plan and research, customer support, budget planning, web development

  • Technical solutions for electricity, ventilation, and security for mining farms


Managing Director,, Dec 2016-2018

  • Crypto-mining farm development

  • Sales, Marketing plan and research, customer support, budget planning, web development

  • The company was sold after one year of work


Managing Director,, Dec 2016-2018

  • Crypto-payment system development

  • Sales, Marketing plan and research, customer support, budget planning, web development

  • The company was sold after two years of work with 16,000 client basis


Managing Director,, Dec 2014-Currently

  • Projects developing in human understanding about highest consciousness

  • Charity foundation. so far made projects:,,,,,

  • Multiuser project platform for crowdfunding marketing and implementation in the market


Managing Director, Defense Technology Armoring Ltd (, Dec 2011-Currently:

  • Care for armored vehicles customers in China, Thailand, and India

  • Sales, Marketing plan and research, customer support, budget planning, web development

  • Remote leadership to control & monitor the work of three offices., Marketing Manager, Dec 2009-Currently:

  • Setting up and long term distant management of representative offices in China, Thailand, and India in behalf of corporate customers

  • Sales, Marketing plan and research, customer support, budget, web development

  • Development of databases, online banking systems, worldwide currency markets, Reggae Musician, Nov 2010-Currently:

  • Singing prayers in a reggae rhythm for peace and happiness of humanity mostly using texts from Bhagavad Gita, Manu Samhita, The Torah, Kabbalah, Koran, Sufi and vedic scriptures

  • Promoting non-violence lifestyle, ganja, and the necessity for union with the highest consciousness

  • Albums: Satya Project, Liftoff, Eight Magic Balls part I and part II (Full text of Patanjali Yoga Sutras), 555, The Fruit of Love, Perfume of the Desert


Managing Director, Blue Box Tanning Studios, Jan 2006 – May 2009

  • Analyzed & successfully negotiated for better franchise terms & conditions gaining income increase for 20% within a Germany based company

  • Attracted private investment & negotiated on advantageous ROI plan

  • Achieved demands of self-created marketing strategy for keeping exiting & attracting new customers also sales & product development


Property Developer, Kubera Property Group, Nov 2005 – Aug 2008

  • Sold over 40 self-developed properties with 70% ROI average

  • Attracted finances & taxes installing offshore banking system to increase income tax efficiency, helped with Bank Loans for potential buyers

  • Bought advantageous properties organizing fruitful real estate auction results

  • Experienced close work with designers, architects, inspectors real estate companies & banks

  • Monitored a team over 20 construction workers on properties


Managing Director, Cherado Art Empire, Jul 2004 – Aug 2007

In three years I created the largest private art gallery in the Baltic States containing more than 6500 artworks from 350 artists

  • Organized over 50 exhibitions & over 20 participation in international projects

  • Managed & worked with diverse teams of people, including customers, web project developers, recruitment companies & engineers

  • Worked with vendors, suppliers & internal business units across the business including different geographical locations

  • Preparation of marketing & sales campaign with advertisement guru Dave Holloway


Head of PR Division, Ministry of Justice of Republic of Latvia, Aug 2002 – Jan 2004

  • Developed communication strategy for three years

  • Organized WEB page developments and WEB content management

  • Organized weekly press conferences and leaflet drafting

  • Budget planning, networking and intranet implementation

  • Managed work of the department and internal/external communication


Assistant to Project Manager, United Nation Development Program, Sep 2000 – Mar 2002

  • Created & edited monthly magazine news of board of naturalization

  • Experienced active participation in over ten up to six-month projects as a project managers assistant beginning with project initiation, planning, production, monitoring & controlling completion stage



University of Latvia, Sep 2000 – Jul 2004

  • Almost completed Bachelors Degree in Political Science                                                


Latvian School of Public Administration, Sep 2002 – Jul 2004

  • Project Management

  • Dealing with journalists

  • Public speaking training

  • Time management

  • Public Relations


HOBBIES  – temple traveling. I’ve written books: “Destination: Me” and “108 Gems of Asia” Vegetarian. Studied Ayurveda (LifeScience). Also, I’ve hitchhiked across all Russia’s 11 time zones, have crossed Himalaya mountain range with pushbike and done many other adventures. - reggae music with texts from ancient religions across the globe - assistance to the world of spreading the good news and knowledge on the growth of intellect



My Recent Activity

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