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The year 2023 was very significant for me. Many court cases won. Many fights proved to be rights, however it still turned out o the bad way for me.

Due to constant travelling I was not able to focus my attention towards job and many things got slipped away. In 2023 I trully realised how important is peace and that Peace is the highest form of happiness. 

So to gain peace I continued my path on the Vedatrac road by visiting first ten places I think I could start to explore and look for further things I could write my Vedatrac3 book  Gods Lost Roads - about.



Many of places in Balkans are of neolithic period of tie and thus dates back almost to pre-historic times. Some places claim to be even millions of years old.

I noticed some pattern at the places I started to visit - it's called cyclopean architecture - when large stone blocks sometimes in the wight of a few tons are cut to fit each other with a perfect precision and placed together with nothing to glue them.

So to relieve my stress besides music production I found a nice hobby - book writing about ancient sacred places or what seems to be so.

My biggest dislike for this year is a stagnant feeling of communism that appears across the Europe due to war with Russia.

Somehoe Mercedes is not the same as it was 20 years ago when I first got to know about the class it brings. Money has less value. Things are changing too fast and rapidly.

The year 2023 is as weird as my temptations for doing my creative work.


Like in this songs lyrics: He has obtained happiness and felicity in this world, Who in it hath acquired contentment and peace. Contentment and peace. One breath, in remembrance of the Jah is more inestimable Than the whole wealth of the universe, in this world.

Courts, music, sacred texts, kids, family.

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