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The year 2022 felt sort of a relief. Pandemics was over. Borders become open. Families could reunite.

Also I had a chance to spend some time with my whole family together and all three daughters could better understand themselves.

I continued working on my music projects and made over 60 songs for The Best Milky & Juicy Female Reggae collection, released album with eLouise from Jamaica and then my creativity was stopped at the middle of a year.

My second wife started some court processes against me to limit my ability of seeing my daughter. That caused me a large number of stress. 

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I got lucky to have an opportunity to spend my daughters birthday at my friends house just by the river. It is significant to mention that my friend upon school age was once my best friend and now also has kids so my friends from my childhood kids are best friends with my kids, too. Just a cool fact that makes me smile sometimes.

In 2022 I drew and flew a lot. I met friends I have not met for years. Crossed Europe from Balkans to Latvia and England by car about 20 times. Brought my old lovely BMW 645 from UK to Bulgaria as now I spend less and less time in UK.

SO besides my great relationships with my friends my family got worst. As I mentioned - one wife was suing me and another went away for like 4 month to Thailand back to her family so I was like alone for 4 month for the very first time in 10 years.

What I did? zigi zigi - all time in zigi zigi and courts and driving. Finally got very exhausted and rested from the new year.


Milky & juicy, courageous & righteous female reggae artists have come up together again whole year creating numerous collections. Pothead party reggae songs together to uplift your happiness to the next level heights.

Enjoy responsibly! As some songs just gets you instantly to the same stage of meditative state as these girls are performing these incredible reggae songs.

Search for Milky Juicy on Spotify and it should come up!

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