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Year I started same way I ended the previous one - working on my too large to understand projects. Zigi is massive, it grows larger, requires more attention. Music is my heart thing - I'm creating more and more songs.

Hustled the system and made millions of listenings of my songs on Spotify, but got banned for that. Spent times on coding robots, openning accounts. Had 5 servers running on just botnet. Was some crazy time especially at the beginning of the year.

Covid did not affected me much. I knew it was fake and have written about it in book at I just stayed home and ignored corrupt TV messages - that's how I stayed out of it.

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After continuation of project ZIGI I launched ZigiMusic - an ancient wisdom mindset music project from different religious traditions worldwide for happy and healthy ilfewhere I put all my music recently on.

The point of it is that listener can claim free ZIGI coins and profits from the stream royalties are distributed towards equity of ZIGI coin.

Zigi Coin is further expanding and in this year many new projects and ecosystem supporting websites got developed.

The whole point of this ZIGI system is to provide cheapest organic traffic ever possible to get. And as for musicians - that's very important in order to showcase properly your songs! Zigi can help with that within 3 clicks!


After receiving too much criticism on my singing I turned my head towards sing my songs thus became a producer. It took me a long to come up with a right name - The Best Milky & Juicy Female Reggae Collection. So I started making music with reggae arists all around the globe and there where fifteen artists on my first album. 

The lyrics in these songs comes from Vedas even if they are singed in a chill out reggae. It has been known that chanting these songs triggers higher consciousness so helps to stimulate the body energy centers called chakras. Different energy centers helps in the smooth functioning of different body organs and sometimes even a whole life.

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My Recent Activity

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