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Soon cryptocurrency turned out to cost thousands. It came out even more profitable to mine it.

With experience in system development I didn't have problems to set up a web system, however, what can it be backed up with - I'm very far from technical knowledge required for this industry.

I hired a technician, we set up a bitcoin mining farm in the UK, Calne and hired some more people to work as sales and support for a company called and which both are focused on Bitcoin mining however one - (nowadays  is focusing on managed mining and - on private mining farm set-up.

evening prayer - zhustlers - reggae dub
Bliss - zhustlers - vedas ayurveda athar


With my increasing job capacity in the UK within the Bitcoin Mining farm business, I decided to move whole my family to England. 

England is a nice place to live and do business. Yes, the costs of running the business are high - probably the highest in the world however the comfort you get for your striving suits me well.

My life in the UK was easier from the point of view of my logistics. It took out my need for driving regularly to Latvia to see my other wife. Now both of my wives were living at least in one country and only a couple of hours drive from each other. I used to spend one week with one wife and another week with another. However, I always had an idea to live together.

The year 2017 was a year when I had the maximum number of cars parked outside my properties worldwide. First, it was fun, later it turned out to be a headache more than fun when it comes to service. 

I was working on and development, playing music from time to time and releasing finally my first album with my stage name - zHustlers. The album was called Satya Project - as an emphasis towards the vision of my music - about Truth and God. So also Black Sea Records slogan is Love, Divinity, Unity with Love meaning God, with Unity meaning- constant yoga with God and with Divinity meaning BlackSeaRecords to support artists willing to sing consciousness uprising songs.


My Recent Activity

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