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My Artha or Profession is marketing, so whatever businesses I'm doing my focus always stays on marketing as that is that what I gathered through my Policial science studies, public relation experience and all the work I did in Asia. 

After spending six years in Asia I decided to go back to Latvia for the first time since I left it back in 2007. Within eight years many things had happened. My father passed away, I got married and my first daughter was born. 

While in Goa my business turned out pretty well, I even managed to gather some cash for some countryside property to move my family to and escape the wheel of a monthly rental which got me frustrated once a while.




Being back in Europe made me connect back with my old friends and partners. Slowly I started to apply my experience in the fields needed for my expertise. I was making more and less complicated websites, managing launch for them, client acquisition, sales, and client support. 

Generally - anything needed to successfully launch any online business. Some websites I started to make by myself, for some I outsourced teams. 

Besides the work, I wanted to move on also in my private life. I wanted to settle down somewhere and was in different projects to bring in money ASAP so I can comfort my family and it's growing needs. 

I continued on the development of as well.


My Recent Activity

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