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My friends sometimes are laughing on me that I'm constantly on the move and I'm never able to find a one spot where I would stay. Icould only comment on it - I NEVER WANTED TO. 

The life for me is movement. Sometimes I measure day driven in a car in miles I could drive the same distance towards another country - and instead of returning to home - just drive forward to the place I have never visited and been before. 

Hare Krishna Restaurant with pure Vedic, vegetarian food, cooked by myself and my wife was real people feeding and communication experience I realized quite was taught life lesson experienced. The money restaurant was making barely covered the costs not to talk about the energy spent on it. Each month I was to support it from my upstairs running forex brokerages. Moving away from it was the right choice to make. We all were too tired of it. So we moved to India, Goa.



Upon leaving Thailand we traveled to the South India, Chennai, where is one of my favorite pilgrimage places. After spending some time in there we decided to settle down somewhere in India for longer and so we entered the state of Goa.

Goa welcomed us warmly. We got a nice house right on the beach, we got friendly neighbors and foreign community with plenty of tasty restaurants to eat healthy vegetarian food.

Upon thinking on what to do I pulled out ancient corporation offer on armored car deals. Besides - there was already clients waiting for me to meet them up. 



So I set up a company - Defence Technology Armoring - for armored car sales - I am still doing it and selling all sorts of armored cars. To both institutional and Private clients. Our cars can be modified, stretched and implemented with different sorts of gadgets upon your needs and requests.

Additionally, I had still full hands with forex brokerages I was working on at least 10 hours a day. I extended my office in Goa by purchasing more laptops at home and for the first time trying my luck with robot software to help me do the uniform functions. Soon I realized the efficiency of robots. With 3 computers and robots on them, I was alone generating more leads than my 15 people office in Thailand. It was again a new challenge for me. If I could replace 15 people with 3 laptops - for me - it meant bigger freedom and I was again growing towards the next level - full automatization of office with only 1 to 2 people management team. 



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