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Thailand was treating me differently. My first wife is from Thailand. My first daughter was born in Thailand. I had many nice business experiences in Thailand. The weather is nice in Thailand. Beaches are amazing in Thailand. However, something turned me away from this country a lot. 

The laws on tourists limited staying duration, costly visa renovation runs to Laos, unhelpful clerks, mostly deals done through bribery and lack of ability to straightforward ow a property in Thailand as a foreigner made me think about moving back to Europe or some other less hot country. Also, my problem in Thailand was I never got to understand their language. I already just had a period of training myself a Chinese and I just could not cope with the necessity for the Thai language even in the city on a daily life basis. So briefly - each day I spent in Thailand I wanted to run away from it. Vedatrac 2 was written in my weekend hideaway from Thailand. 



However, during this year I developed most of the projects I continued working further for the next upcoming years. Some of them are the same project - where I continued expanding it to the Vedatrac 3, I established and for my business which later grew into other more serious businesses. 

The first time I went with IT deep into the systems, made client databases and linked it all together with data servers to provide MetaTrader on our own - as that's the basic instrument for any forex brokerage. It tuned out too tough to manage for me and I left it to my partner, myself moving towards development of another forex broker which I made by order of one of our clients who wished to have his own brokerage company very much.

So I had already two companies developed from scratched and launched - which gave a new turnover in my career - I made businesses.


Anyways - the fintech experience I gained during two years of a hard hustle in China continued with almost 3 years in Thailand connected me with most powerful brand names in the World. 

I was obsessed about making some on my own and soon with my partner from Thailand Karl we made up our own forex company - called Streamline Forex - being the toughest competitors in the region as we where the only ones those days with such a professional team represented in Asia in FinTech industry.

I wanted to have a new challenge and publish my books - Vedatrac 1 and Vedatrac 2. I decided to try and launch the campaign on Kickstarter. However, it never reached any meaningful beginning and I had trouble with the local Krishna devotee community regards my weed smoking and Hare Krishna restaurant. 

I felt like my time in Thailand was ending. I was looking for going to India taking whole my family with me and leaving everything that I made in Thailand for sale. So I closed the restaurant, sold all furniture and equipment, gathered a couple of thousand bucks from a quick sale and - I was gone from Thailand to the country I miss constantly the most - India. Scents of incense sticks, prayers from far away, people in the temples without shoos, hot weather. I was there. 



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