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My partner from London Marius financed my office set up in Thailand for forex marketing business. I had a green screen studio on the second floor of it while operating a vegetarian restaurant in the first and one of the most aggressive forex team call center sitting on the third floor of the building. The last floor with exit to the roof I used for my family where we planted plenty of palm trees and it looked like a jungle on a roof. As for vegetarian restaurant clients, operating downstairs, we had nights on the roof for a special fasting day called Ekadashi. 

The office was working on forex while I was baking pizzas and my wife cooked dhaal down in the restaurant. It was pretty chaotic set up being all in one premiss - for both living and work. However for me, it was very comfortable - restaurant, office, and family in one place with my smoking garden on the roof I enjoyed for hours.



A while after my daughter was born I decided to finish up the thing I started by coming to Asia - I wished to go to Tibet and reach Mountain Kailash. SO I started a second Vedatrac trip - this time called 108 Gems of Asia as in a plan was to visit 108 Gems of Asia - Ancient places of Pilgrimage where prayers are still practiced today how it was for thousands of years ago.

While in Thailand - sometimes just me, sometimes with my wife pregnant, and even after she gave birth - already with my first daughter - we flew and drove across Asia including countries like Thailand, Laos, China, Malaysia, India, Nepal, Tibet, Sri Lanka, Nepal to visit most incredible and hidden from touristic eyes gems - ancient temples.

The 108th Temple was a Mount Kailash himself - as it is considered to be the most auspicious place of pilgrimage on Earth after circumambulation of which one gains freedom from rebirth back on Earth - so-called Moksha.

Since Salvia trip experience I was searching for the ways of liberating my spirit and live a free from hassle this life to prepare myself for the next one. And in this one do as much as I can to levitate my self to the level where I will not have Earthly ambitions. 

This time I was more prepared for my trip - I had all visas, all permits. I already knew the guys I have to contact in order to obtain all necessary permits, I spoke fluent Chinese and also had some more money with me than in the first time I tried to cross the Himalayan mountains with a pushbike! This time I was driving across them in a comfortable SUV provided by my tour guides - as per law - you could not have the ability to move around on your own alone in the Himalayas without a local tour guide which is a reason for so costly travel to there.


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