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By working with financial products I realized I have got the freedom I wanted for so long time. Everything was online. The only people you would see are your own friends - co-workers. Yes, they had to be on phone, yes they had to reply messages, however, they were happy to do so but I was happy staying quietly in the background, doing my meditation and yoga practices, from time to time fly to India for some spiritual experiences. 

Also, wifes coming in my life made my life more to be settled down. It's not that I was a much party bird but sure thing family is changing a few habits.

However, in Asia, after leaving Brussels with only 60 Eur in my pocket - I found both of my things I'm still living with today - my wife and my profession. Since then I developed my passion, attachment, and love for both a year by year.



Forex market is a taught market with a high cost of acquisition of a client. Daily striving for deposits, pushing call center to the limit, indulging in explanations of kind communication on a phone leading to sales requires all possible skills I used to study before - client orientated communication, attractive advertisements, aggressive marketing.

Lead generation, spamming, email marketing, social network marketing, outsourcing of personnel, banking, management of funds - lots of headache especially for one without mathematical thinking. However all the time I got by my intuition. It never failed me, always warned for the issues and guided me out for the best outcome.

However, I found my future in it and soon opened my own forex broker upon the move to Thailand, which for me was too hard to manage - however, the gained experience granted me the satisfaction to drop it as a business.


My Recent Activity

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