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I don't have much clue how the rest kids where educated and what their parents did to form their attitude towards money. But I was taught to get a good education in order to get a good job. Since I was a kid I was strived by an idea to live LARGE. I always wanted to live in a big mansion by the sea. 

When I started my hustle there was nobody to consult with. I didn't have a person who would be devilling on my shoulder saying: yes, yes, you made money, make more. I also didn't have a person who would consult me on my way for it. Fortunately, I got a book called "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", written by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter. That was so inspiring for me especially when after years of an individual hustling like a duck in the wild ocean without seeing any ends to it and compass for directions I reached for approval of my working ideas as a guide in the book! Inside me, I was screaming - YES. I was right - MONEY IS IN PROPERTY. And for whomever, the easiest was to get out of squirrel wheel of 9 to 6 job, mortgages for an exchange of the best years of life and gain FREEDOM I got a taste of already is PROPERTY.

At the edge of my property developers career, I was living at the 750m2 mansion at the most prestigious district of Riga with three woman and three dogs. I always adored woman and polygamy always seemed natural for me. Even if the financial crisis was on its way I was making enough good money to live my extended lifestyle at the age of 24, traveling, enjoying the life, however, the life started to seem uniform and I needed new challenges. My glut for publicity was softened by the money I was making from properties. I become a millionaire at the age of 24 however inside me I felt emptier than ever. My big question was - what would be the next step? What is the next challenge I have to move on to feel happy and content?



There are different types of alcoholics. Some are drinking a little bit each day, some are drinking for weeks and a lot. I never was an alcoholic, however, I emptied 16 boxes of Russian Standard vodka parked in my guest house within less than 3 months. That left me depressed for days and later for weeks and later for months. I moved out gradually from it by smoking weed more often as a recreational drug which got me off vodka eventually moving away from alcohol and depression completely.

Smoking weed, chilling in my sauna with three nice women, chilling in the outside swimming pool with my three dogs made my life so bored that I was ready for my next challenge but still was blind to see how to make and what to away in the future.

One of my good friends those days and life coach - Vadim - had an amazing life-changing trip with Mexican drug called ayahuasca and he highly recommended it to me. However, his brother Vitaly suggested that Salvia-Divinorum could be a better start for me as I was a hunter and meat eater, completely lost in money, woman, and rock n' roll lifestyle.

They suggested I fast a day before consuming this magical herb and warned me on a possibly never-ever experienced state of altered mind fears. 

After fasting for a day I had friends coming over for a night. That night also both brothers gave salvia to me. My trip was guided by Vitaly - the youngest brother who has massive experience in altered states obtained through hours of deep meditations. Both of brothers were vegetarians for years as well and even after years of friendship I never knew why until this moment of truth to come. Just a day before I was out for hunting with my father and had a good catch cooked - beaver's tail - what is considered a delicacy in our country - cooked by my dad himself. He used to visit me once a week and stay overnight after taking a sauna. I had my first serious father-son conversations at that age on life, money, and woman. 



So, the next day after killing a poor beaver, my friends came over and brought a salvia plant to smoke I was prepared for taking one-day full fasting. Fasting should improve my trip making it less bad experience possible. 

I was suggested to smoke in my bedroom as I might want to lay down after. As an experienced heavy drinker and weed smoker I could not imagine what else could knock me out and how. italy prepared a smoke of salvia for me through apple. I took just one long puff. And I was out. By the time Vitaly asked me: How is it? - I saw his jaw opening wider than usual it would happen in conversation and falling down to the ground leaving all the flesh of his mouth and teeth opened. I was already too out to understand that it was all my hallucinations. However, my tour guide laid me down in a bed and going at the corner of the room started chanting Vedic mantras. 

From my point of view, I started seeing white light coming out of these praises covering all room in small white crystals, enfolding me in them and softly embodying me in its pureness. I started seeing little pieces of big things. I could go inside the wall and see it's the smallest atom shivering in it. All the world suddenly was opened to me. And it all was away too much more different than I got used to seeing around. Walls where not just a concrete - it was an energetical structure held by billions of happy energy molecules keeping together, having their own passion for dancing around in the speed of life at the fraction of a space of a needle tip with a whole solar system with all LIFE in it in the size invisible to the strongest microscopes.  Suddenly - the Truth was showed to me - I could see the real things from which the world is built. Nothing was as before after that moment. Salvia definitely changed my life and opened the higher potential of me in this life.



During my salvia trip, I experienced different things. Firstly it was like going through the white tunnel with a few holes in it in my case. Through the flight from those holes, different visions of opportunities appeared. Some of them experienced, some of them with continues experience to happen and some of them never experienced yet. All life - the present and the future possibilities flew through the seconds of flight in my mind at the speed of the light.

I was melting in my bed and suddenly I could see all beings around in the house on all floors just as different types of egg formed energy clews. I saw that people who are more kind in their lives are brighter color and people who are more egoistic are more dark-yellow / orange colored. The Truth hit my head like a big electricity pole going straight inside the head from the top of the sky giving information about Everything. Knowledge of Everything and so Aim and Reasons for Achieving the Aim so having the power to work for it. Before my god was money. After smoking salvia - I realized the true God. I could not believe till last that its existence is Everything

At the end of my trip through the tunnel, I was awaited by a let's say "white cloud". Before entering the White cloud I was asked: So - how was it? "Asked" is a word to used to describe it. Actually, no one asked nothing - just an expression of action and reaction followed due to our ability to explain it in verbal was and this question makes the most sense out of it. My Judgement day was there. The moment all are scared of - Death - is the limit rarely who can explain after by being alive and then again - finding the right words for Such an experience - is another difficulty. After "explaining" "how was it" - on Earth - I entered the "white cloud". Even an explanation is the wrong word. It more felt like I was a flash drive connected to Motherboard to download Experience for the use for common Experience. Life is because of Experience - I realized then - and came back to Earth.


A week after my Salvia trip was the most anxious period of my life. I could hear people thinking, I could see future coming, I could foretell future events and meet people I needed without even contacting them.

I was Everything and I was in Everything. It was hard for my mind to digest all the information I started to receive daily. I knew everything. I did not missed anything. 

My daily interests changed from money and woman toward Truth and God. I realized my purpose of life, s born why I what targets exactly matters at the end of the day. 

I met new people who inspired my striving for the truth with their experiences who confirmed my truth and I started to look for explenation of my realizations in the books. Some of my newly obtained friends organized Tibet monks living in my house while on official visit in Latvia. At that moment I thought that the reasons I got the house was the days to host monks in there. I realized thatthe Highest Happiness is possible.



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