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The year 2004 in my life

I started my hustle in the year 2004. I got dropped out of my stable career job at State Insolvency Agency of Latvia as a Press Secretary where I worked by invitation and special rules - like I could come to work at 10 am not at 8:30 how the rest of the clerks. I got invited while working at the Ministry of Justice of Latvia where I worked as a Head of Public Relation Division and got dropped out after a public interview in one of those days top magazines - "Klubs", where I flaunted with too high salary for a clerk and way too cool bluffing for my position and age. 

I was just 21 years old but daily I filled up many important positions. I was working as a freelance journalist for one of the biggest newspapers of Latvia in those days - "Neatkariga Rita Aviza", writing my articles in the late nights mostly about home improvements, mortgages and bank loans and every morning I got up for the Justice System of Latvia for 4 years. Those days I managed somehow also attend University however I did not graduate due to time lack and loss of inspiration. 

I was a young lad with pockets full of money, driving brand new Alpha Romeo 165 and moving into real estate from the money I earned working in three positions, sometimes 18 hours a day. Besides work in the Ministry of Justice, I also was a Head of PR division at the Ministry of Children and Family Affairs.

My car was with 5 VIP parking permits: from the Ministry of Justice, from Cabinet of Ministers, from entrance into Old Town, from Highest Court and Parking lot of the President of La.tvia Castle.

However - all this ended up after mentioned publication in Klubs magazine after which I got dismissed from my work.


So my background is Political Science. I didn't graduate. I just dropped out in the last year. It came partly together with my dismission from the job. Professors in University didn't like my publication either and I got some headaches also in University from that so I decided to focus on what's more important those days - money. Besides I already had seen most of the ballets from the Prime Minister's Box in the Latvian National Opera and had some crazy night parties at the IP SPA center of Cabinet of Ministers of Latvia to leave it all behind.

I went more serious into real estate, made a few fake papers of previous high income before my balances went down to 0 and took a bunch of loans for businesses and properties. I purchased damaged and inexpensive properties for cheap, renovated them and sold. At 22 I was already managing teams of builders, implementing my design in apartments and selling them for much higher prices. Most of the jobs in my properties are done by the company - they still exist and it's managed by a close friend of mine since childhood - Rudolph.

Those were the days when I at first in my life was feeling the MONEY. And I LOVED it. It was when I nearly got bankrupted and to save me got rid of one of my properties - attic apartment to renovate which I asked help from all of my friends and we did it in 3 days. I paid with sandwiches. That's all I had those days. :) All of my friends who participated in it still remembers it as the funniest joke in my "making the million" history. I sold that apartment - and took out from the bank in the specially bought leather suitcase for that occasion. I had a full suitcase of cash, I was 22 years of age. And I felt like I will never ever work again in my life. I opened the art gallery Cherado Art Empire.


The opening of the Art Gallery at the heart of Old Town of Riga - the Capital city of Latvia - where I come from originally - compensated in me the lack of that attention I got used to at my work in the Ministry of Justice - again I could communicate with journalists, make mass events like press conferences on the occasion of opening of some art exhibition.

The art gallery I made together with my other partner also Martins was focused on selling online graphical art of young artists. Those days that was an innovative concept and many of my contemporaries where looking skeptical towards this idea. 

However Cherado Art Empire during its one year of existence sold over a hundred artworks, I met a Prince of Wale  s, Director of a Tete Art Gallery in London and was invited in official state delegation to Britain by the president of Latvia Vaira Vike Freiberga after she visited our gallery and me even managed to give her a gift - my own painting.

So during the existence of that gallery I made two paintings - one is in the castle of the President of Latvia and the other one went to the Saint's Petersburg Art Gallery Ermitage for the exhibition "Danaya" together with a printed book "Danaya" in the name of remembrance of Rembrandt.

I was young and ambitious. My dream was to become a millionaire one day. In the gallery, I was told by one of my clients who ordered a few expensive paintings that you don't become a millionaire. Either you are or you're not. Those words resembled in my ears for days. That was the next beginning for my journey. I already had a half year of rough struggle on fried chips and beans diet in order to get away from a 9 to 6 job and step onto entrepreneurs path. But I knew that there must be something more to do in life than just drink myself off on presentations of art. I had three snakes, one of them Endy Warhol I kept in my gallery and was feeding with rabbits. I was not vegetarian those days yet and was very far from the understanding of the Truth but that to be changed soon next year.



My Recent Activity

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