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Here is a brief information on projects I have been working in 2015 so far. Some projects for my friends, some for myself, some for money, some for fun and some just for general development.

UBK Markets Company is a world class broker providing services to the global financial market. UBK Markets is among the leaders in delivering high-end brokerage services based on the most advanced technologies.

The UBK Markets brand was established in 2011 and this trademark was registered by Simcord in a range of countries to provide brokerage services in the international financial markets. Simcord is a company specialized in intelligence and analytics software and product development for financial and investment sector.


Satya Projects - meaning - projects about Truth are the logical continuation of projects started back in 2009 as Vedic culinary club back in Brussels, Belgium.

In 2014 came the first idea about Satya Projects. Projects, where more same minded people would support important ideas in order to achieve the desired results. All religions tries to impact us asserting their superiority over other. And in every of these religions is some part of Truth. In Buddhism have the Four Noble Truth, in Christianity have 10 commandments, Hinduism is claiming that purpose of life is Happiness and Koran declares it in it's own way. But where is the TRUTH?

Meistars vien viena zvana attalumā: 27-101-200, Uzlabojiet, atjaunojiet, rekonstruējiet vai arī uzbūvējiet kaut ko savu - savu MĀJU!


Convert your loft into spacious and snuggy living space! We do loft conversions from A to Z, to increase your living space and even house value! Call us today: 07427488103


Our vision is to bring home and car defence systems up to date with the latest possible inventions and technology. Heavy armor, taugh metal doors, CCTV cameras and other systems sometimes have proved to fail. We believe full digitalization and robotization of a security systems can bring in many good things in every family by increasing security standards with reduced monthly payments for guard companies.


Canned natural fish products from the Baltic Sea. Contact us for better deals in industry!

La Cafe De Galerie was opened to provide the most exclusive resting and chilling place in Southampton. We are striving to fulfill your lascivious needs at one place. Come here, enjoy, meet the most beautiful girls in the town and if find us satisfying become a member and whenever you come - get 10% discount on your order!