KAMA - my pleasures of life and hobbies

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I'm getting enjoyment in my life through music. I play it, I make it, I'm listening to. I play drums, I play a little bit piano, I play guitar a lot, bass guitar, I have and I can play Chinese Guiyang a little bit and Indian Sitar.
I do music since I'm five. I had my band even some years ago and I still choose to attend studio from time to time with my friends to gather together for some play. This hobby of mine gave me the opportunity to freelance for one of the Hollywood's TOP 5 Movie Director Randal Kleiser (http://www.randalkleiser.com) and operating a private music records studio BlackSeaRecords.com

SOME MUSIC MADE SO FAR         Download All:          
1) Liedagā 
2) Blow

3) Осень (Feat. Dinara Rudan)

4) Deutche "7" Und "S"

5) Hust The Clerk Up

6) Always Get What You Want 

7) Tumša nakte
8) Es karā aiziedams

9) Jai Shiva Shankara

10) Div Dūjiņas


I want you stretch your cord accross the void to find out whats above to find out whats below to see the seeds of the One.

Where people are happy, where following your dreams makes your hart sing.

In 2016 great leader Fidel Castro died and I went to his funereal ceremony in Havana, Cuba to attend the commanders last trip.


Dance for forgiveness, for kindnesses, for truth, for love, for control of the self, to avoid the sin, to pursue the knowledge - dance - FOR LOVE!

Jesus Age (33) Hit Me Hard
Just thinking abot the 33 will pass by soon so made up some song about it.

Hust the clerk up (Give Bribe to the clerks) 
First ever music video I made - Song, Video, Music - all by me. Filmed in Riga, Latvia.

Video about Guilin, China.
This is a very beautiful Chinese song "Tian Mi Mi". Filmed in Guilin, China

Video about Tianjin, China. 
My favorite Chinese song. FIlmed in Tianjin, China

Video how I tried the limits of BMW 645
This is indeed the very reliable vehicle. Filmed in Portugal

Hustlers video
Made in different locations: France, Monaco, Tunisia, Latvia

Weed - it's all about weed...
This video is about attempt to quit it :) Filmed in Los Angeles, California

Explaining Vedatrac
In Latvian language, filmed in Thailand. 

Bungee Jumping in San Francisco, California
I was suppose to hit the water. A guy who jumped before me got trauma so I got really scared

Vedatrac II
I'm singing that song in video, too. Temples from Laos, Thailand, China, India, Nepal, Tibet